Saturday, January 11, 2014

Helloooo friends,

It's EXTremely late.
All of a sudden I've had a new desire to blog.
Call it what you will, a new years resolution? No, but it could be.
Most of my "your life needs major improvements list" (the one that we all have at the beginning of the year. Don't act like you didn't make one, cause you at least thought about me) has something to do with spiritual growth. Which is fantastic and personally my favorite.
Most of my man friends admitted to me the first on their lists are to get married.
Good plan.
Move beating super smash bros to the bottom of the list and make eternal companion finding my number one.
Go get 'em boys. I'm praying for you.

I had an institute training meeting tonight.
It made my heart grow two more sizes, and I'm not just making fun of the grinch, I mean it, I swear.
I love this gospel.
Institue has changed my life.
And playing sardines in the institute building with the lights off is a nice bonus.

People, the brethren in my life?
They're killin' me.

Let's just say my life is a blessing.

To those little nuggets still reading my waste of a blog, thank you.
and please don't leave me.
I have lots more to say.

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Zuey said...

One nugget still here!