Monday, January 13, 2014

let's talk about the ONE

No, I'm not talking about star wars.
Is that even a star wars reference? I'm not sure. 
You can call me a star wars noob, since I've only seen bits and pieces of it.

Moving on to the good stuff.
My friend got his heart hurt...that's actually bad news. 
His girl picked it up and clenched it. 
I hate her. 

Hear comes the good news....for me:
I love the fact that I get to sit on my couch, eating brownies, and have girl talk with my friends because of this retarded female.
I'm glad they trust me enough to confide in my me.
I'm glad they love me enough just to talk to me.
They probably come for the sympathy food, but they swear to me they don't.
Yeah I'm that girl, and quite frankly I like it.

Then I realized:
I love my single life.
These last few months have been great growing experiences,
I've made life long friends,
and am planning some great pranks for wars between apartments. 

I don't want to rush getting married 
(even though I would die and go to heaven if I did find my man)
I know it will be worth the wait. 
I don't need to stress about the guy that wasn't into me, the guy thats weird and is into me, or the guy that completely breaks my heart.
Us singles always hear "just you wait the right one it coming"
Yeah, I'll admit, most the time I think it's a load of poop, but it's the only thing that gives me hope.
I'm waiting for the man that makes be happy beyond belief, the one that I will miss when he drops me off at my door step,
like Frank LeRoy was for Lyle Tyler.
Man he's one handsome guy.

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Zuey said...

Love that you are doing this picture. I have always loved it! You will find your man. I've realized recently that some things really are worth waiting for. It makes you that much more grateful when they come. Love you.