Sunday, January 19, 2014

There was this one time....

I know, you are all shocked.
Kimberly has Blogged three timed in a row....within the same month.
I'm tellin' ya, I'm back.

So, Remember when I was an idiot when boys came to the door and asked if I remembered them?
They didn't know she was a twin.
Remember when they asked if we wanted to go to a bonfire with their ward and friends?
I said yes, then they asked if we wanted a ride. I said yes, then tam knocked some sense into me and I realized I was being an idiot. Bonfire, in the canyon, invited by three boys that we don't actually know.
but their smiles.....
Remember when we actually went?
Well we did. They carried a good spirit. If I was creeped out in the slightest I would have said no.
Remember when we had a good time?
It was fun. We meet new people. I'm thinking about one boy in particular. He's attractive. I like him. We'll see what happens :)

Oh, and remember when I took my very best friends engagement photos?
Yeah that happened. Brighton, you're gorgeous.
Happy sabbath. The church is true.

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Paul and Em said...

Love. You did a god job. Can't wait to here about your new man.