Monday, January 20, 2014

The Latest of the Arts

I'm in printmaking again.
I new what I wanted to do for my first project.
It's different  from everyone else's, but
I like to do art projects that mean something.
Here's the rough draft.


DJ said...

Oh, Kimberly. You are going to make me cry. Can I please, please have a copy. You would make my year! Truly. I love that man. I think of him all the time.

Paul and Em said...

I love. I want!

Lisa said...

1. Your the best artist in the world.
2. Your the best artist in the world.
3. You better get a copy for all of us.

Nicki Dunn said...

Amazing!!!! If you can do multiples or make copies let me know. SERIOUSLY! I'll buy one from you. That is just beautiful. You are so talented. I can't even stand it!!! (but really I can and I am so happy for you, because you are awesome.)

Tam said...


Elizabeth said...

Thank-you for being my daughter