Tuesday, February 25, 2014


Sometimes I think that He must be up there smiling and possibly laughing a little bit as I sit here wondering what's next in my life. 

I was reading my "old journal". I was on the search of a spiritual realization that I wanted needed to remember. Instead, I couldn't help but think how ridiculous I was. It's hard to imagine that I used to be that girl, wasting my time writing about things that didn't matter.
I was so embarrassed. In order to remedy the shame I wrote the words,
"A girl trying to figure out who she is"
in the front. Thinking somehow that would make it better.
I'll tell ya, it didn't. I want to burn that red book. I know I shouldn't because it's good to look back and realize how much I have learned and changed just within the last year. 

My kids ain't ever reading that thing.

I'm on a spiritual high. It's times like these that I wish could last forever.
I wish I could just shove what I'm feeling into you. 
Yeah, that's weird.
Welcome to my blog,
I'm weird.
You're weird.
Face it, we're weird together.

but seriously.....

"faith is a real power, not just an expression of belief."
-President Boyd K Packer

and sometimes I think we forget that.
Faith moves mountains, even if your mountain is small.


Paul and Em said...

Beautiful. I've been trying to call you. Where did you go?

Nicki Dunn said...

I can't get enough of your art. Watercolor or ink? Gorgeous self portrait. You should consider opening an Etsy shop & doing custom stuff for people. I used to paint all the time and wasn't half bad... I miss that!

DJ said...

Kimberly! You are unbelievable. You wanna do a watercolor of Charlotte? Remember you owe me an art piece. ;)

Michelle said...

I see Tamara when I look at this picture. Then again, you are twins. Of course its amazing!!!